Chosen of Dragonfly

Referred to as “The Captains”

Prerequisites: Each Chosen of Dragonfly has a prerequisite they must meet or maintain. Most common but not always, is holding Captaincy of your own ship. If you lose Captaincy or the ship you have 2 months to get and maintain for a month a new ship. (In the instance of Beowulf, instead he must maintain a Chaotic Good Alignment at all times)

As a Chosen of Dragonfly you gain the following…

Speed(Ex): A Chosen of Dragonfly gain a Swim Speed of 30
Preferred Weapon (Ex): Automatically Gain Proficiency with Quickbladed Rapier

Special Qualities: A chosen of Dragonfly retains all the characters special Qualities and gains those Listed below.
Strong Personality (Ex): Gain a Luck Bonus to your Will Save Equal to your charisma Bonus
Charming Repertoire (Ex): You gain a Dodge Bonus to your AC Equal to your Charisma. Any time you would lose your Dodge Bonus you lose this bonus.
Immunities (Ex): A chosen of Dragonfly is Immune to Cold, Drowning Effects, and Prismatic Effects
Water Breathing (Su): A chosen of Dragonfly can breathe water and survive high pressures underwater.
Tailored Skills: (Ex) A chosen of Dragonfly always considers the following skills Class Skills. Balance, Bluff, Climb, Profession Sailor, Profession Gambler, Swim, Tumble. The chosen may also choose a number of these skills equal to their Intelligence Modifier and gain the ability to take a ten even while under stress with the chosen skills.

Abilities: Dex +2, Con +2, Cha +4

Spell Like Abilities:
Servant Horde(Always Maximized) (Sp): 3/day
Favorable Wind (Sp): 3/day

Domain: A Chosen of Dragonfly Gains the Ocean Domain as a Cleric equal to their total class levels

A Chosen of Dragonfly is a Template that gives and ECL +3

Chosen of Dragonfly

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